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She knows what I already knew
Nothing could be a greater calling than to help those who are innocent and vulnerable
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Black man > black woman

It makes me sad that we still live in a world where it is a difficulty to be a woman and a “curse” to be a black woman. Even though we are free to vote and choose our destiny it is still carved by the ideals of men who lived thousands of years ago and carried today, by their sons.

Maya Angelou says “when we know better we do better” yet it baffles me why some of my male peers, who are educated, some who are raised by single mothers, have little respect for women. Its no longer ideal to be a woman in the 21st century. Our “freedom” carries heavier chains.

Not only must we raise kids, cook and clean we must become graduates and run successful businesses. We need to be eloquent and opinionated, we need to look good, and be secure in our identity.

In the same breath we must learn to shrink ourselves in front of men. We need to wear doeks and long dresses when we leave the city. A woman can say what she feels as long as it doesnt challenge the fundamentals that have been placed in a man’s head. We must grow babies in our bellies, feed them, clothe them and love them but never have the delight of sharing our names with them.

A black man,especially, knows what its like to be discrimminated against for just being. What its like to be invalidated by his own peers over things he cannot control. He knows the burden of wanting to be “white” just to be accepted. Yet he also knows the failures of such a desire. The bitterness of knowing that nothing can ever change his being

Why does it then justify a free black man to put such a burden on a black woman? Why cant we be equals and be strong? Why cant we challenge you and show you where you can improve? Why cant we run our countries and our homes and be respected regardless of our gender?

How did you trust us with your homes, your children, your livestock when you were in the mines looking for gold yet today we are not worthy to have you take our name? What makes you free and makes us slaves?

These are the things that slows our progression as a nation. As we continue to fight amongst ourselves we give away the potential of our destiny. There is no “them” amongst us. Its just us. We have it within us to start fresh and do things right because truly now that you know better….DO BETTER.

how can I not be in love with you?

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Baby love me lights out 💋

from South Africa in the 70’s


Sometimes i feel like
we are dead to the daylight.
Everyone the shade of brown is.
The most beautiful girl in school is dead too,this makes me the saddest.
Because what a waste.
We are all either boy or girl
even when you are 50, they don’t want to remember your name.
But you know how to make the sounds John and michelle like their tongues were born in your mouth
Like they could be a synonym for
For someone you love.

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